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How do I file taxes for 2018?

The answer to your question is NO, you do not need to file separately, but yes, you probably need to worry about the self-employed deadlines. Let me say this gently. Based on the words youve used to ask the things you want to know, I get the strong sense that you simply dont have enough knowledge to do this on your own. Im not saying you cant do it yourself, but youd really benefit from having a guiding hand for at least a couple of years. Eventually, youll probably find that whatever the expense is, it is well worth it to allow you to focus on what you do know, and grow your business instead of adding this to your plate too. Go hire somebody to direct you. It can be a CPA, it can be H&R Block, that doesnt really matter too much. If youre making decent money with your business, then also hire a tax planner to show you how to save money. They can be one and the same person, but thats not always true. Just use these words: Do you create written tax plans for self employed people that describes how to minimize taxes? Do you have a sample one handy? If theres any hesitation at all, then skip to the next person for that part of the work. It will feel prohibitively expensive at first, but in the end, it should be worth the money. If youre not making money, or only making a little bit, skip the tax planning part, and just get a preparer who can do your estimates and keep you on the right side of the tax law.

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