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Employer told me not to file taxes.?

Your employer was avoiding federal social security and other payroll taxes on your pay. In the process, he made you an accomplice to tax evasion. And since he didnt pay his share of social security tax on your earnings, you are liable for self employment tax at an effective rate of about 11.475%. If he had treated you as an employee and reported your earnings as wages, you would have paid 7.65%. But of course, you would have paid income taxes as well if you earned more than the standard deduction and personal exemption for those years. Now, its unlikely any legitimate lender will give you a loan unless you first file your delinquent tax returns and pay the tax you owe. Theyll want copies of the tax returns. If you file a loan application showing zero earnings for those years or with dummied up tax returns, you would be filing a fraudulent loan application. Life is complicated when you join the underground economy.

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