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Are W2 wages paid by a Scorp to his manager qualifying W2 wages for?

Ask your question again in May or June. I am a CPA with my own CPA firm. Right now this area of the new tax law is one that NO ONE can speak about with ANY degree of reliance/authority on. This section of the code is entirely new. People have opinions and that is about it. Ive been going thru this a little at a time and truthfully can only say that it MIGHT be. When congress makes new laws they leave much of the actual implementation of what is and what is not up to the IRS to issue guidance on. That is why there WILL be a technical corrections act passed sometime this summer. Then there will be guidance issued by the IRS. Might is the best that youre going to be getting one month after passing this new section of the IRC. ANYONE saying yes or no is playing a fools game.

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